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Gulf War

  • Graham Grice
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


In fact, I was at Marham during the first Gulf War

which was very a interesting of time of course for us.

We did a lot of work to get aircraft ready to deploy

out to Saudi Arabia.

Very sadly we lost a number of crews on missions

in Saudi Arabia as well.

Well, actually over Iraq.

And quite upsetting for me at that time

I was the duty operations controller

on both evenings when those aircraft were lost

which was very sad.

Just prior to that as well

we also lost an aircraft on training.

The two occupants of the aircraft were killed

which was extremely sad.

And it's only when you're in that role

and when you're not aircrew

and you not used that sort of environment,

that was quite a difficult thing to deal with at the time.

Quite a challenge

but you know, one soldiers on.

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