What is the RAF Stories project?

RAF Stories is a User-Generated digital online project that collects and shares engaging historical and contemporary stories related to the RAF. RAF Stories offers the opportunity to discover, share and contribute stories connected to the RAF. So far, we have collected stories about love, death, friendship, bravery, humour, happiness, sadness and everything in between. We believe everyone has or knows someone who has an RAF Story. Why not discover, share and contribute yours today?

Who is behind the RAF Stories project?

RAF Stories has been created by a small Lottery funded team at the Royal Air Force Museum and is supported by a number of colleagues, volunteers, and partner organisations. We are thankful to everyone who has assisted with the creation of the project and for those who have shared their stories with us.

What type of stories do you collect?

RAF Stories focuses on the human side of the Royal Air Force. We want stories about people and their stories of humour, bravery, love, loss, fear, achievement, overcoming the odds, unique experiences and much more. We are open to all stories, whether it features a daring act or a humorous anecdote about life on an RAF base. No story is too small or insignificant.

Who runs RAF Stories?

RAF Stories is maintained by the RAF Stories team and a network of volunteers across the country. A team of super-users help to manage the flow of new submissions from the public ensuring the content is interesting, appropriate and relevant before becoming part of the online collection.

How can I support the project?

Contribute your story or help family and friends to contribute theirs, by downloading the RAF Stories app. The app will guide you through the process, helping you to capture the perfect story and submit it directly to the RAF Stories online collection.

Apply for one of our volunteering roles, to help us to keep capturing and sharing fantastic stories for the public to enjoy. We have a variety of roles which provide the option to volunteer at the museum or from your home, wherever you are in the world! Keep an eye out on the volunteering webpage for current vacancies.
If you are part of a group or an organisation who would like to film stories to add to the RAF Stories online collection please contact us to see how we may be able to support you.

Get help with the app

How do I create an RAF Story?

Create a story by recording yourself or someone else using the audio option or upload a prerecorded video from your camera roll onto the app. Once you’ve recorded or uploaded your media use the Story Builder to add more information to your story. You can make your story richer by providing a title, a short description, select what emotions or values your story carries, when and where your story took place and more. This information will help us surface your story to readers once it’s published on the RAF Stories website.’

What’s good about the audio option?

We encourage first-time users of the RAF Stories App to record stories using audio. Interviewees may also find the audio option to be less intrusive as the phone may be placed on the table whilst the interview is in progress. The maximum audio length is 2:00 minutes.

What’s good about the video option?

The video option enables the user to record video using their phone and then upload this video via the RAF Stories App. Alternatively, users may upload a video that has been recorded and transferred to their phone. The maximum video length is 3:00 minutes or 400 MB.

On consent

As the person submitting your RAF Story please make sure you have the permission of your interviewee to share their story on the RAF Stories website. If you are in doubt please read our terms and conditions.

What do you mean by Values?

Stories carry values. We want people to be able to search for RAF Stories based on a range of criteria, for example, values. Examples of these values include friendship, commitment or loyalty

What do you mean by Emotions?

Stories carry emotions, emotions connect with people. We want people to be able to search for RAF Stories based on a range of criteria, for example, emotions. These are represented by five easy to understand icons portraying a range of emotions.

How can I delete my published story?

Once your story is processed and published it can only be taken down by RAF Stories editors. If you changed your mind about your story and you want it deleted, please navigate to your story’s page and click on the Feedback button to request deletion.

How long does it take for my story to be published?

Submitted stories will be published directly on the RAF Stories website. This can take up to 24 hours.

Where can I find my submitted stories?

Submitted stories will be published directly on the RAF Stories website. This can take up to 24 hours. You will be notified via email once your story is published. Submitted stories are no longer visible in your app profile. Only saved draft stories appear in your app profile.

Where are my draft stories saved?

Your draft stories are saved in your app user profile. Click on the person icon to find them. You can have as many stories in draft mode as you like.

What makes a good story?

To help you create good stories we wrote a short guide on “How to create great stories”. You can navigate to this guide through the menu or by answering the first app question with “No, I’d like to warm up”. This “how to” guide prompts you to think about the person you’re talking to, the time and place your story is set and much more.

What’s a dry run?

We created a dry run made up of questions and prompts to help you tease out good, interesting or fun stories. Go through a dry run before you start creating your story. You can pick from a selection of prompts or create your own. Once you’ve identified the part of the story you’d like to share, find a quiet place, sit down and hit record or upload your video from the camera roll. Your dry run questions will also be available during your audio recording. If you decide to create a video story, email your dry run prompts to yourself.

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