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Joining Up

  • Graham Grice
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


During my duties and just as the Falklands War

was finishing in 1982,

a group of friends and I were heading along

the main streets in Grimsby

and it always been my intention at that point

to join the police.

And I decided that I'd pop into

the careers information office

and just ask them what it was that the RAF Police did.

And no sooner was I through the door

then I was upstairs undertaking the various tests

they like you to do to see whether

or not I had the aptitude.

And the subsequent interview,

it came about that actually perhaps

I wouldn't enjoy the work of a policeman.

That perhaps I should consider something else.

And we got round to the fact that one of the things

I was doing at school was geography.

And that perhaps air cartography,

or making charts, aeronautical charts,

might be something I'd be more interested in.

So, that's how I ended up in the Air Force,

by accident really.

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