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After Ejection

  • John Peters
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


But we ejected in the desert, and you know,

seconds later I had enough time, I remember, the ejection,

but literally by the time the parachute came,

the drogue on parachute it had done that, it leveled,

I had enough time to go, ground,

released my personal survival pack and literally,

I was in the parachute, 10 seconds;

10, 15 seconds, not long at all.

And did the crappiest of parachute landings,

and then suddenly sat there in the desert

and it's completely quiet.

John landed about 100 meters away.

I was sat down, dazed from the ejection

and John came across, picked up his parachute,

came across, stood by me and went,

"This will be the Iraqi desert."

And we just sat down and we giggled; it was pathetic.

You know, at one moment you're at the front end

of the largest air offensive in the history of mankind,

you're part of a powerful formation,

you've got computers, guns, bombs,

everything, missiles; and then you've got

these two little pink bodies in the desert,

no aircraft around you.

And you are literally 1,000 miles from everywhere

of anybody who vaguely likes you.

And you think, "Shit; what do we do now?"

And you know, the visibility is 50 clicks;

you can see to the horizon.

It's completely flat; there is nowhere to hide.

And you've got a burning Tornado, you know,

a mile or so away with a plume of smoke

going up to 8,000 feet in the air.

And you think, "Shit; (laughs) what do we do now?"

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