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World Fuel Services

  • Graham Grice
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


I left the Air Force in June, 2013,

but my career, in many ways, didn't stop there.

My role in the civilian world now,

I still spend all of my working hours

supporting the military.

I work for World Fuel Services,

and I'm the military account director,

so I'm looking to provide fuel for UK military

and also for NATO forces

and other friendly allies around the globe.

And I still do a lot of Forces charity work,

so I still work very much with

the Royal Air Forces Association.

I'm the chairman of the Aylesford Malling Branch

there in Kent.

And I'm one of the counselors

on Southeastern and Eastern Area Council.

So that keeps me very much in touch.

And I also, every year, still I'm involved with

the Royal International Air Tattoo

where I'm the Air Crew Reception Center Manager.

So I've still very much got those very strong connections

and bonds with the Air Force.

Even though I've been left out at least four and half years.

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