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The Red Cross

  • Sqdn. Ldr. Bob Ankerson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


So, as we were walking along this corridor,

our escort was a young lady.

She was probably very,

she was petite,

many no more than five foot, five foot three

and maybe seven or eight stone at the maximum

and as we were walking along there she said,

you look very nervous.

So, our reply, or certainly my reply was yeah,

but she said you're free.


I said well, it doesn't feel quite like that

'cause outside there there's hundreds of Iraqi soldiers.

I said I don't really feel terribly free.

And I don't see any of our forces,

so who's protecting us?

And this young lady turned to me

and said well, I am.

And so,

then I said to her,

yeah, but who's protecting you?

And she just pointed to her International Red Cross badge.

She said this is

and as an organization

I think the International Red Cross

put themselves into dangerous situations

with no armed backup

depending purely on their reputation

and their foundation

and certainly, my respect

for that whole organization is immense.

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