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Strike Controller

  • Graham Grice
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


My next posting,

it bemused me and it bemused a lot of people

but a report had been written at that time

called the Bette Report

and basically the Bette Report contained

an outcome that suggested

that a lot of aircrew were flying desks

when actually they should be flying airplanes.

A lot of these desks were operations desks

in various bunkers all round the country.

And it was decided at that point to try

and get the crews back to flying.

What they would do is they would take

some of the other branches, train them accordingly

and put them into the operations role.

And so, I was chosen very early on

to undertake this role

and I was posted to RAF Marham

as operations officer there

and part of my role there

which was very, very interesting

bearing in mind that I was still fairly young,

I was still very junior

and I was a logistics officer, not aircrew

was the role of strike controller.

Something that doesn't exist anymore

because the RAF no longer operate nuclear weapons.

The role of the strike controller

was part of the wartime posture of the base

and in terms of operations

we would have attack operations

which were using the aircraft

to carry conventional munitions to our enemies

and destroy them hopefully.

So, we'd have an attack controller

who would work with SACA to develop

the plan of what was going to happen,

which aircraft were going to carry which weapons to where.

The strike controller's role was very similar to that

but to deploy the nuclear weapons.

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