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Daylight Raid

  • John Peters
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


And we came in and it was, "You're going."

What do you mean we're going?

"You're going; we've got a day low-level sortie."

What do you mean "a day low-level sortie?"

We had already determined, the decision had been,

there will never be a day low-level attack by a Tornado

against an airfield; it was deemed too dangerous.

And we had came in at midnight, said, "Right,

"you're going to take off at six o'clock in the morning."

And we go no, no; and we argued literally, for hours.

I mean people say you just say yes sir, no sir;

we argued for hours going this is ridiculous.

You know, it's too risky and this that and the other.

But it got to a stage where usually

the people who are telling you are,

you know, they're people you respect,

they're not just faceless blimps.

Because part of aircrew job is,

if a planning cell sent you something

that you think is impossible, you send it back

and the system accepts that.

But this was a bit different in some reality

because it was quite a change.

But the people who were saying you have to go

were people you respect and after a couple of hours

you go, well almost, the cliche,

if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined;

you are in the military, your job is to effect war.

And this is a decision that's been made.

And they said well we've mitigated the risks;

you're part of a big package.

You're going to loft the bombs, which is throw them

from a number of miles onto the airfield.

So we've done all this mitigation.

So we went; we got shot down.

It was the only day low-level sortie by a Tornado

against a target, because obviously someone went

well that was a bloody stupid idea then, wasn't it?

So, I sat around for seven weeks

getting the shit kicked out of me

because somebody made a crap decision.

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