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  • Robbie Stewart
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


They laid me on a table

and there was a guy, quite small guy,

little moustache of course.

And then a big guy next to him

and he had this huge long pole with a knob on the end of it.

It looked like a flag pole almost,

but not quite as big as that.

And then he started laying about me with this,

right across my body.

Well, I passed out.

And it happened several times,

I just kept passing out when I came to.

I was just being sick,

it was quite funny in some ways

'cause I remember trying not to be sick on my uniform.

I got my handkerchief out

and try to get it away from my uniform.

As if that made much difference.

But anyhow, he kept asking me questions.

And I didn't say anything, just my number, rank and name.

And then, he had broken my leg

and he got ahold of my leg and started twisting it.

And once again I'd started passing out.

And I thought if I don't do something

or say something that I'd die here.

So I thought for what I had seen prior to going out to war.

I'd seen people talking about the aircraft

that were out there where we were

and what we were doing you see.

So eventually when he said what aircraft were you flying,

I admitted I was flying a tornado.

Well, we just parked it in the field next to the base.

And so I could feel happy

that I wasn't telling him anything.

And strangely enough, I didn't say much at all

and he left it at that.

And off he went and then I was taken away.

And taken away from the interrogation.

Only after about probably five, six hours.

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