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Military Volunteers

  • Flight Lieutenant Kathryn Clancy
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Well the public response is absolutely brilliant,

the community responders helping the ambulance service.

And we wouldn't always tell all of the patients

that we were volunteers, depending on what part

of the community we were in, whether we felt

we wanted to share that information

because of course we don't want to tell everybody

within the military because of people's opinions.

But we went into a Dutchmen's house who had

photos of old aircraft on his walls

and so you kind of knew there was an interest

or they'd been some kind of history in the property

or the family of the military or of the air force

and so we would ask the question,

What are the air force pictures represent?

And then this individual would say

"Oh well I was in the air force,

"I served back in you know, 1950s."

And then we would open that conversation

and say oh well we're also in the RAF,

we're volunteers for the ambulance service.

And you know, the rapport that you build with those patients

is vital and they start to become relaxed

and they start to open up

and senior people are quite stoic in in their response

and they don't want to let you know that they're poorly,

they don't want to let you know that they're in pain.

They want to brave it, they want to be strong.

But actually that doesn't help anybody

when they want to be strong.

We need to know what's wrong with them.

So if you can build that rapport

and if that is about getting on the level with them

to say that you're just human at the end of the day,

you get so much more for the patient.

And it's great, and people are quite surprised

when I say "Oh my colleague,

"he's a policeman in the air force

"and I look after training."

They're like "Oh, so where have you based?"

And you know, you talk about things

and they forget about why they called

you in the first place.

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