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  • Squadron Leader Dave Morton
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Yeah, I was certainly of the mindset

that this was a big national problem.

This was a supra national problem

and an international pandemic

and if there was any way

in which we could be of assistance,

it was the right thing to do.

Because the lockdown happened fairly quickly,

all our routine business fell away.

So we were a pool of available manpower

that could be deployed.

And absolutely, I think it was the right decision

to employ us in whatever capacity was needed.

There were times when we were sitting there,

thinking should we be doing more, can we do more?

But it was very much our position

that we were there to support and assist when asked for.

But it took a little while

to work out how you could do that

without treading on too many toes,

without taking over

because that's quite natural for us.

We will just, right, I've got this,

I know how to do this problem,

so you will listen to me.

I'm gonna put it up on the whiteboard here

and make it all happen.

The way that you would expect to do

as part of what we call a break-in battle

to get established in a theater of operations,

you have to be very fast and aggressive and determined.

It was very kind of softly, softly

and just try this.

This works, I know this one works.

Look at it this way.

Maybe we'll start to red team something.

And someone said well, what's red teaming it?

So well, okay, well, you come up with a plan

and then we go through the plan

and I try and pull bits out of it

and I try and knock your house of cards over

because I'll go oh well,

actually you haven't thought of that.

(booing) And it'll. (booing)

And that was a tool they were really interested in

because then they realized,

this is something they do anyway,

we just call it something different.

And so there were times where you were coming

at the same problem from different angles.

And that meant that the plan that fell out of it

was more robust

because you'd had different ways of looking at it

and different thoughts.

And quite often some, quite vigorous challenge

in both directions,

which meant that when the plan was put into action

or put before the Director General for approval,

it was pretty solid.

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