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Public Support

  • Flight Lieutenant Kathryn Clancy
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When they said, "Oh, you can go

and work on the ambulance service

because you're in the Community Response Team already,"

it was just the opening that I needed

to know that I could help.

And having that community support,

you know, people clapping for the NHS.

And I felt that at the ambulance service,

we wasn't the ones that were hard done to.

And, you know, we would drive along the streets

in the ambulance and, particularly on VE Day

'cause there was the street parties,

and me and my colleague are on duty that day.

And so we would wave at the street parties

and everybody would stand and clap at us as we went past.

And it was so lovely to think that,

you know, the support was both ways.

And we felt like, well, we felt we didn't deserve it

because we're in the Air Force.

We're not doing the paramedics job.

We're not doing that frontline real emergency patients.

But it was still lovely

to see the recognition that people gave.

And we got back to our ambulance

after being parked up outside a house,

and there was a note on the windscreen

that said "Oh, well done."

And it's just little things like that

that really make you smile, so that was good.

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