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  • Flight Lieutenant Gareth Davies
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The School of PT, naturally we create an environment

where people can come,

aspire in their own physical achievements.

We also deliver physical education and physical training

to all of our trainees here at RAF Cosford

that are going through aviation training,

photographic training, and, of course,

our very own physical training instructors of the future.

COVID, how has it affected us here?

Well, certainly during the initial stages,

we needed to close down the gymnasium.

There was nothing different

about how the military was conducting this physical activity

than what was happening in civilian environment.

So when the government shut down the gymnasiums,

we also shut down, training ceased.

We then found very quickly that there was a shortfall

of students or trainees finishing their training

and then becoming productive members of the service

and we knew we needed to ensure that that maintained,

or that was maintained,

so the students were recalled on a scatter-type approach,

very much filtered, back to RAF Cosford.

And part of that is that we needed to open the gymnasia

or we needed to open up the opportunity

for physical activity to occur for the trainees.

Very strategically, we looked at how we could do that,

but still maintaining the legislation

the government had enforced upon us.

That was quite a challenge for us,

but what we decided to do is go outside.

We were unable to use the indoor facilities.

Much in line with the government legislation,

we took our trainees outside.

We did whatever physical training we could

utilizing body weight, mats, open spaces

that would still afford the individual's physical activity,

fitness enhancement, and the physical robustness required

to be in today's armed forces.

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