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Know your enemy

  • Squadron Leader Dave Morton
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Enemy, in this case, the COVID-19 virus,

and try and anticipate what is going to happen

and who's going to be affected,

and how you can then manipulate

the resources you've got to hand

in order to create some sort

of breathing space for longer term planning to take place.

So the civil service skillset is in long-term planning,

military skillset is short-term planning,

rapidly changing scenarios.

And that's where we, I think, added most value,

was being able to use some of the tools that we employ

to identify where problems are,

and to try and get quick solutions to make something better.

You might not make the whole thing better,

but if you can improve one thing,

you can then step-by-step chip away at a problem

that on the face of it seems insurmountable.

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