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Covid positive

  • Flight Lieutenant Kathryn Clancy
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


So we went to a patient

and it came across that the patient was COVID positive

and had had a test.

So we knew the patient was COVID positive

and had difficulty in breathing.

And so we were very apprehensive, I had my visor on,

I even double gloved my hands,

that if I needed to take a set of gloves off,

I wasn't exposing my skin to the situation.

So we arrived, all suited, went to assess the patient

who was very unwell

and had extremely difficulty in breathing.

And she was only late thirties.

So she wasn't an old lady.

And I felt with the increase breathing

that she was showing that she had to go

to the hospital immediately.

And so we had to make that decision as community responders,

do we wait or do we go?

And so we made the decision

and we took this lady to hospital

and I sat in the back of the ambulance with her,

the whole time I tried to distance myself.

We had the air conditioning on in the ambulance.

We had the windows open in the ambulance

to keep the ventilation as open as possible.

But at the same time, still maintaining my PPE

and we did the right thing.

You know, she absolutely needed to go to hospital,

but it's a very difficult decision to make at the time.

But you have to go with the gut instinct a lot at the time.

And with her being so young and her breathing being so bad,

she certainly needed to be where we took her.

And then afterwards, we were like,

"Oh, have we got COVID?"

It's always that question.

Have we picked up that virus?

But we removed the PPE appropriately.

We washed our hands appropriately.

We disinfected the whole of the ambulance,

because when you have a COVID positive patient,

you have to go and do a deep clean.

So there's lots of measures in place

to ensure that the virus is limited

to the environment that it's exposed to.

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