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Unexpected benefits

  • Flight Officer Lauren Hall
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


In the infrastructure world,

the contract management team that I work within,

COVID was actually really, really helpful for us.

It meant that we could get quite a lot of work done

on the station of because a very bizarre period

where everybody went home.

I'm used to having thousands of people here,

and it went down to a very, very small number.

What that did mean for us is that we had empty blocks

that we could get our personnel out of

and have our decorators come in.

We were doing 12, 14 hour days,

but it really was an opportunity for us

to make the most of it

and almost felt the station switch.

I haven't got any operational experience,

but it felt that that was very much the mentality.

There was different pace to working.

And yes, yeah, we had a lot of autonomy

to get a lot of things done that we needed to, actually.

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