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Ear to the Ground

  • Acting Corporal Hannah Colton
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Because we were part of MACA,

we were kind of learning things

that you wouldn't necessarily hear in Civvy Street

with the media and kind of all the fake news sort of thing

that goes around, so you kind of had your ear

a little bit more to the ground,

which was more reassuring for me.

And then I could reassure my family and friends

from there as well

and then with having gone on lockdown

and being at home, like I say,

there was just a lot of kind of false media going on

and scaremongering and it wasn't good.

You could see people getting upset for no reason

and didn't need to be there, so yeah, I definitely found

being in the military was better personally than not.

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