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Escape and Evasion

  • John Peters
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


And then you pretty much put the next cassette in

of right, escape and evasion.

So we destroyed all our information that we had.

John ate the map (laughs), stupid man.

It was quite funny, sitting in the desert

and he's chomping away at the map, what an idiot.

And slashed all the orange gear because

we couldn't get our radio out of our life jacket

to call AWACS, to tell them that we're down.

So we had to inflate our life jackets,

so you're in there trying to evade the enemy,

you've got two great big DayGlo orange life jackets.

You then want your survival kit;

well it's in the personal survival pack, the fiberglass box.

And there's a haversack that you just take out and put on;

we couldn't get the haversack out,

because it was vacuum packed.

So we had to inflate the dinghies

so you're there with a bloody great big two-meter long,

meter-wide fully blown up DayGlo orange canopy.

You've got the parachutes, they're billowing in the wind,

they're about 10 meters across

and they are white, green, DayGlo orange.

I mean it's just laughable,

when you're trying to hide from the enemy,

you've got all these things going "They're here."

You might as well have had a big hand of God going,

"Look, they're here, they're here."

But it did make us nervous, we made the call,

we slashed all our kit, dug a hole, buried all the orange

and everything in the hole as best we could.

Made a plan, started to walk.

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