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The Tornado

  • John Peters
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Tornado appealed to me

because it was the latest technology.

I never saw the point of flying old technology.

Why enter a war without the latest kit?

And at the time, it seems funny now seeing it's just about

to be taken out of service,

the Tornado was the first computerized aircraft.

And that's where it's weird because the main computer

when it came in the first thing,

the main computer was 16 kilobytes.

I mean, you've got more power to light your watch now.

But it was the first computerized aircraft.

It was exciting.

I remember thinking, yeah, it's exciting.

And I didn't get sent every route, I flew all types,

in some ways it's a greater skill to fly all the aircraft

because they don't help you as much, let's say the Tornado

because it had computers and everything.

But there's a difficulty in also operating with computers

and certainly back then where you had to really understand

what was in that box.

You couldn't just see it, it wasn't on a dial,

you had to find it.

But no, I always wanted to fly the latest aircraft

because then you're always going to progress

as well in a career,

better if you're on the latest state of the art machine.

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