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The Tornado’s History

  • John Peters
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


And I like the atmosphere of the Tornado

because you start back then you started

on the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment.

And that had Italians and Germans and Brits

and the atmosphere was again stimulating,

international and inclusive.

It felt like a more modern air force

because every time you get a new generation

you had people who had the instructors

who were ex-Lightning pilots

or Jack pilots or Tornado pilots,

but actually there was a whole new generation of people

who looked to the Tornado in a different way.

Even when I was at Triple T they said no WIWOL stories,

no WIWOL when we were on Lightnings.

You know, sorry you may have been Lightnings,

but we stopped that conversation out right

because you're now a Tornado pilot

we don't care that you're a Lightning pilot.

That's old stories this is the Tornado Force now

and it's our stories moving forward.

And given the history of the Tornado subsequently,

probably is the most operational airframe

the Air Force has ever had over 40 years.

You know, the Tornado has written its own narrative.

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