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  • Robbie Stewart
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I then pulled out something called a mini flare,

it's like a little pen with a tiny little signal

firing capsule on the top.

So I screwed that on

and I waited till the vehicle came around

and I fired two little signals at it.

And the lorry stopped.

And two Arabs came across both wearing a head scarfs.

And they looked at me and they got their guns out.

Well, I was carrying a gun as well.

And so, what I did, I showed them the gun.

And they took it off me.

Funny thing was, the next thing they did

they took both watches off me.

And I was carrying a thousand pound of gold in my pockets

which they didn't realize.

So anyhow, they saw my leg

and one of them was very kind actually,

he strapped my legs together and he got his head dress off

and he tied it around my legs.

Which was pretty clever thing to do actually.

And then they lifted me

and they put me in the back of the vehicle.

They stopped in this army camp.

And these blokes walked out,

they were wearing the green serge uniforms that they had.

And I could see they were all fairly young.

And they all looked like Saddam Hussein with moustache.

Anyhow, one of them opened the door

and he just leaned in and he started poking my broken leg.

You know, making me ill, making me sick.

Just for fun.

And I thought, "What's going on?"

And then they shut the door and they started arguing

and there was a big talk going on about what should happen.

And from there I was then taken away in the vehicle.

And I thought I'm going to hospital or something like that.

I didn't know where I was going.

I was just on the main road.

And then after a couple of hours driving I think it was,

came across this like an area

that was covered in camouflage.

And they took me inside

and suddenly I knew there was something different.

Because instead of being gentle with me,

they got hold of me by my shoulders

and just pulled me out through the vehicle.

Banging down on the ground.

And they took me across a curb,

once again banging my broken leg on this.

And we got to the door and I remember the smell

of kerosene being burnt for lights.

And it was all camouflage webbing.

And suddenly I heard this voice, an American voice.

And he was being beaten half to death.

And it was terrible and he was saying,

"Oh don't, don't, stop."

And I thought, my god, this was an interrogation place.

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