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Double Life

  • Joan Ochuodho
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Yeah, actually the military, yeah, it's quite funny

that that's said.

When you're in the military

it feels like you have two lives

because the military ethos

and the military family if you like

and the lifestyle and the just the way of life

and how we life and interact

and especially in the early days

when you live in the mess and things,

there just certain things

that fit within the military space

that perhaps civilian people just don't understand

and it goes even to sense of humor

and things like that

because we thrive on banter, for example,

and there are some things

that I'd sit and have a laugh about

with my friends in the military

that actually my civilian friends wouldn't get.

So, sometimes it really does feel like you live two lives

especially in my family and friends' backgrounds,

there isn't a lot of them that are in the military,

although I've now acquired friends if you like

that have become quite close to me

that are also in the military

but there two different sides it feels sometimes.

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