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Posting to Iraq

  • Joan Ochuodho
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I daresay, when I arrived in Iraq,

the first day when we arrived,

there was a slight apprehension when the flight landed,

and you thought, oh my God, I am in Iraq,

and came out of the airplane,

and the first thing that hit you was the heat,

'cause we landed at night.

It was so hot.

It felt like you were going into a sauna.

And for a minute, I actually thought

do I really want to be here?

It was a bit late for that

'cause, actually, I hadn't even

told my family I going to Iraq.

I told them I was going to the Middle East,

in Kuwait somewhere, just so they wouldn't worry

because if i told them I'm going to Iraq, they'd watch TV

and see all the crazy stuff that you see on TV

that actually wasn't really what I was going to do.

I only work in HQ, a fairly safe environment,

and so I didn't want them to worry.

So, yeah, it was apprehension at first,

but you very quickly got used to it.

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