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Mother’s Support

  • Joan Ochuodho
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Well, I didn't have military history,

not particularly in my family.

Or even anybody close to me for that matter

and I wanted to join the RAF, this was 2003

right at the height of the Iraq conflict,

we were in Afghanistan

as a country

for the reasons that we went in there

and therefore it was such a challenge for my family

to accept the fact that I was choosing to join

this organization that in the period

of live conflict so to speak.

So, actually nobody in my family thought

it was a good idea.

My mother though,

I phoned my mother because my mother lives in Kenya

and she did then and she does now

and her told I'd like to join the military, mom,

what do you think?

And she said if that's what you want,

then I'll pray for you

because my mother's very religious,

I'll pray that it all works out your way

and so, I ignored everybody else.

I thought if my mother supports me,

forget what everybody else thinks,

I'll go through with it.

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