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Old School Attitudes

  • Cpl Mike Taylor
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Probably at a point they didn't trust us,

'cause it was the initial you're gay,

so you must want to sleep with everyone, the typical thing;

you're gay, you want to sleep with every man going

and that's not the case.

Actually, as people just got on with their day-to-day job,

proving that actually, well, being gay does not change

the way that I do my job.

I can still do my job.

I'm very good at what I do, and it doesn't matter.

There's still a couple of the sort of old school around it.

It is a little bit of an issue for them,

but I think they're from attitudes

that you might not really change,

and I think they've had those attitudes for so long,

it'd be quite hard to change some of them.

Other things, like the policies alongside,

say, being able to live, living together,

I guess, in my quarters and something like that.

Medical care, so same sex partners now being able

to be seen as obviously partners in med centers

and stuff in medical care throughout the military,

same as the other families and stuff like that.

Seeing all of that change throughout the years

has been amazing to see.

At times, how quickly some of it seemed to happen as well.

It took a long time to get places,

but some things seemed to change quickly as well,

which was quite amazing.

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