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Leeds Pride

  • Connor Thirkill
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


So on the station I am based,

me and another station rep

have been doing Leeds Pride for the past couple of years.

So last year, we only had four people.

So we each had to

grab a corner of a flag

'cause it was not enough people to march.

This year, we managed to get

nine people, which is an improve.

So we're hoping to gradually keep increasing the numbers.

Nine people doesn't sound like much

but it's enough to have a

proper presence and...

'cause we put in so much hard work

tryin' to get people to participate,

it just felt like it was a really important moment.

'Cause it's only the second year it's been done as well.

I think it's

very good for raising awareness

'cause a lot of people still

don't know that it's fully accepted in

the MOD.

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