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Women in the RAF

  • Joan Ochuodho
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Women in general, yes, definitely.

We have more women in the air force

and more women staying I dare say

and more women in senior ranks.

We had a two star in Elaine West

who's now retired

and we now have Chrissy Elliot.

Very, very inspiring characters

and it's nice to see, when you see them up there,

you think actually, do you know what?

Because the air force, like the rest of the military

is very male dominant,

we can't get away from that,

so as a female, sometimes you have to prove yourself

a little bit more I dare say

and maybe some females will agree with me, some won't

because it just depends on the environment

that you work in

but I think we get given the same platform,

if you like, we compete on the same promotion boards

and so, we've proved that we're just as good

as the male counterparts

and that's why we now have,

because women are staying in longer as well,

we now have opportunities for people

to progress beyond what previously we didn't have

women in two star ranks and above, for example

within the air force.

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