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Motherhood in the RAF

  • Joan Ochuodho
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


As a mother you kind of want to be with your children

all the time.

We are a deployable force and we know that

and it's really, really difficult psychologically

to sort of adjust to that

and I find it's not just me,

there's a lot of mums around me

who are fellow serving women.

It's the one biggest thing that I think

is hardest for us

is being away from your children for four months,

six months, and with them,

depending on what age they are,

'cause if they're older sometimes,

it's easier to understand,

you can FaceTime, you can Skype

but when you have a two, three year old,

sometimes they don't why they can only see their mom

through a screen

and that's really hard

but otherwise I think we face

the same challenges any other working mother does

because it feels like you have two full-time jobs

because most days I'll come from,

my husband does very long days

'cause he's an engineer, he does shift work,

so most days actually I drop my kids to school

and I'll pick them up

and your life just never stops.

You drop them off and it's hard work

getting out the house with two children on time

and get them away and get to work

and then you come back and you pick them up

and they're tired and they need their baths

and they need their dinner

and it's just exhausting

but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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