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  • David Waddington
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


You know, I came to,

probably about 20-30 minutes later, on the ground.

And I had two dislocated arms,

My face was all sort of bashed up

with all the stuff that was in it.

But I was close to a double pipe line,

which runs to the west of Tallil.

So you know I thought the best idea

would be to try to get down between these two pipelines

and try and find somewhere so I was out of sight

of anybody who was looking around with binoculars

or whatever.

And so that's what I did.

And then later on that morning,

a couple of Iraqi,

I think they were Air Force people,

but they were sort of,

you know half dressed in uniform

and half dressed in civilian clothes and stuff,

and they spotted me, and started,

one of them started firing a rifle towards me.

Never any intention to hit me,

or if they did they had very bad aim.

In essence they were warning shots

and the bullets were pinging up in

the sort of muddy sand.

You know, a few meters away from where I was.

So they kindly came towards me

and they said you know they were gesticulating

to put my hands above you know, put my hands up.

And, of course I couldn't.

Cause you know, I couldn't get rid of my LSJ,

because my arms were dislocated,

so I couldn't get it off.

I couldn't lift my arms anyway

this shoulder was very badly dislocated.

I remember thinking,

this is just gonna be such a stupid way to die.

'Cause I can't get my arms, my hands up,

you know, and they're just gonna shoot me.

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