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  • David Waddington
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


There were many occasions where, you know, people

in the cold live day would say why didn't you just

answer the questions in their interrogation or whatever.

And, you know, it's very difficult

to give a logically response,

cause it is a point of, well that's not what we do.

You know, we do our best to do what we think

is the right thing to do to the very edge of our limit.

And that's something that, you know,

if you look back to things that happened

in the second world war or whatever,

then there's a heritage, there's a principle,

there's an ethos, whatever you want to call it, to uphold

and actually you don't want to be the one

that sort of falls short in that.

So, it's an interesting thing, but, I suppose,

you see it in all teams in terms of, ya know,

you go in that extra mile or whatever

for that sort of loyalty of standing up to this whole

principles of whatever team it is that your in.

Ours happens to be the Royal Air Force.

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