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Reaction to Injuries

  • Stuart Robinson
  • Interview by: Julian Hale


In a way, I wasn't scared

or worried about what would happen.

I was kind of more relieved of the fact that I was given

the opportunity that I could still open my eyes.

I know obviously working on the murk crews

and the RIT crews back in the day

that so many people and so many British servicemen

and women paid the ultimate sacrifice.

So, the fact that I was in anti-diffica back in the U.K.

and I could open my eyes, meant that

despite what happened I was still alive.

So, I kind of, I think straight away from then

it kind of instilled in myself that my life

and my recovering, my rehab starts from there.

So, I didn't want to dwell on things

and worry about what happened.

It's kind of, for me, it was just trying

to come to terms with what happened

and trying to get a grip on my life basically.

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