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Military Ward

  • Stuart Robinson
  • Interview by: Julian Hales


My numerous level of injuries, obviously

took a lot of

getting used to, a lot of adapting to things,

and things like that,

but another thing that I

used to help me get through day to day

was just trying to work on one little thing.

And for me, obviously I had so many tubes

and wires coming out of me,

so I decided that tomorrow I need to try and get

the one that's feeding me out of my stomach

so that I can eat properly in my mouth.

To eat in my mouth I needed to be able to get

the wires taken out, and things like that,

so we all kind of linked in.

That I just wanted to,

to get on with life, was by breaking it down step by step.

And I think, luckily, in a way,

I've always been quite a good, quite a fast healer,

just by what injuries I've had,

so, kinda stood me in good stead for

for being in Birmingham.

And as well, in the ward that you're on in Birmingham

it's a, pretty much a military only ward.

So, again you're in hospital with

other guys who have come through the same thing.

So, it's good to have that military,

the banter, you can have a bit of

camaraderie, you can have that.

There's like a community,

so, you kind of helping each other through.

Even though it's such an early stage

when you can't even do a lot 'cause you're bedbound

or you can't move and anything else

but you can have that help each other out,

and stuff like that.

I think it's a massive help

having the military ward in Birmingham.

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