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Losing My Leg

  • Stuart Robinson
  • Interview by: Julian Hales


The left leg went at the time of incident, straight away,

and the right leg was pretty badly damaged

in the same event, so.

I remember waking up in hospital with all the other injuries

and when I could kind of move a little bit

I managed to look down at my right leg

and see what kind of bad state that it was in.

All I remember that the right foot, kind of,

it kind of just dropped, it didn't hold itself up

like it normally should when you're laid in bed.

So I knew it was in a bad way.

The consultants, the medical team came up to me one day

and said that I was due to go into surgery

the day after, on my pelvis.

And because of the severity of injuries

on my right leg the opportunity was there

to electively amputate my right leg as well.

But obviously that choice was all mine,

they couldn't make that choice for me.

Initially straight away I was against the idea.

I wanted the opportunity to get up and get out

and to try and get my life back on track

using just one normal leg.

But it was only when I was speaking to my wife,

speaking to the medical team that they said

that it could be 18 months, two years

before you can even put weight on your right leg,

let alone walk on it.

And obviously like I said earlier,

when I managed to open my eyes

my rehab started there and then

so I didn't wanna waste 18 months, two years

of then having to come back in hospital,

having more surgery and having to kickstart it all again.

So I kind of decided there and then, lets lose the leg.

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