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Deployment to Camp Bastion

  • Stuart Robinson
  • Interview by: Julian Hales


But a month, two months prior to my squadron deploying,

insurgents attacked Camp Bastion air field.

They managed to gain entry,

and a number of British forces and Ally forces

were unfortunately injured, and some were quite fatal, so.

Some of the guys that were injured out there were part

of the squadron that we were due to relieve.

So as these guys who were injured had to come back

to the UK for medical treatment,

they initially looked to the next squadron

that's due to deploy to see if they could get any guys

to come out to help bolster their numbers.

And kind of in a way, my

paperwork was all in order.

I'd got all my tests passed, my medical stuff I have in,

so I was picked to deploy early

and to take over one of these guy's jobs

before my squadron was due to deploy, so.

I kind of knew that it would happen anyway

because we kind of, like I said,

because all the tests and that were passed

and we were ready to go.

Kind of made sense, so.

We went out there, did the, this is my first time

at Camp Bastion, as well.

I was a little bit further south into Helmand Province,

a little bit closer to the dangerous areas.

I kind of knew each time that I was deploying

that obviously the threat was getting higher.

The opportunities for us to become injured

or hurt was probably greater.

But again, we were doing the armed services

and the armed forces, so for us to be at home,

was where obviously it was to create a safer environment

for the people back at home

and for the people that we are deployed out there

trying to secure so they can do their job

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