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Saving Tug of War

  • Flt. Lt. Gareth Davies
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


In my previous life I was a physical training instructor.

In order to be a physical training instructor

in the Air Force you have to be passionate about your sport.

You need to passionate about gettin' other people involved.

It doesn't matter really what it is.

Just get people involved.

I saw a sport failing or falling away,

and knowing how difficult it is

for sports to attain recognition in defense,

it just seemed to me that we had this great robust sport

that engineers fantastic team spirit.

Why would we let that die?

So much of the transferrable skills

or the transferrable assets that individuals attain

or nurture within the sport of tug-of-war

is so real and so easy to transfer

into life and the armed forces.

Team spirit, a gritty determination,

and the ability to win together,

why wouldn't I want to save it?

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