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Mum’s Parachute Jump

  • Candida Adkins
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


My mother said she saw a plane flying over one day,

and she thought I'd like to do a parachute jump.

I'm not gonna tell my mother.

She won't let me do it.

So she got herself some outfit,

which, of course, it was men's.

It didn't fit at five foot two, very petite woman.

And so she had the boots were wrong,

the whole outfit was wrong,

the parachute was weighted incorrectly.

And she had to get out of the plane

and stand on the wing when it's in the air

and literally jump.

It was all too, it was all weighted incorrectly.

She was too light, the parachute didn't open properly.

It did a Roman candle, which means it didn't open,

and she landed and broke her ankle.

And she ended up with the polo ponies all watching

who'd been playing polo in the field

around where she landed.

She never did a parachute again in the whole of her life.

  • Jackie Moggridge

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  • Jackie Moggridge

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  • Jackie Moggridge

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