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Gunner Commisioned

  • Mark Johnson
  • Interview by: Peter Devitt


The service providing by the black air crew

was of the highest standard and as a result

about 25% of those men were actually

commissioned as officers.

In one case, that of Lincoln Lynch,

an air gunner was commissioned as an officer

which was an exceptional event

for a flyer of any race.

And that really marks him out as a special individual.

Lynch, by the way, shot down a Mission Smith 1101

his first operational mission.

And if the story is true the account I've heard

is that he set the engine of the 1101 flyer

and then held his fire while the German crew bailed out.

And then shot the aircraft down as it

continued to fly along behind his aircraft.

So quite an exceptional person caught under fire

but merciful as well.

And appropriately commissioned as an officer.

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