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The Kindness of Strangers

  • Emma Knutzen
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I think the most emotional I have got is really when

people have just been so kind.

That has really struck me emotionally.

You know when you're sort of in your little bubble at home,

and you just do whatever you do, go to work,

you don't really realize just how you know,

the British public, how kind they can be,

and how they always step forward,

especially for the military.

I don't think I've had any particular times

when I've thought, oh God, why have I started this,

or any particularly bad days.

I've had tough days.

You know, lugging that rucksack around, it's not easy.

It is really, really tough.

But I haven't had any days where I've cried

in terms of feeling low, or upset,

or anything like that.

I mean, I think there was one day where

it was just miserable,

it was just a miserable day,

and I was in pain in my shoulders,

it was raining and my boots were wet,

and it was just a miserable, miserable day,

and I even put a video of it on Twitter and Facebook.

But when I arrived at the campsite,

they'd put up RAF flags for me,

and the whole village had come together

to support me.

So the lady at the campsite, she gave me business cards.

She said, "If you go to this place," she said,

"you can have a free cup of coffee and a cake."

She said, "If you go to this place, you can have

"your meal for tonight for free.

"And if you go to this hairdressers,

"you can have a free wash and blow dry."

And so that just changed my entire day,

completely on it's head,

and it was just out of this world,

just out of this world.

  • Emma Knutzen

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