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Emotional Roller Coaster

  • Emma Knutzen
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


So I think he got his first leave after about three weeks,

and straightaway you could see the difference,

the difference in confidence,

the air of superiority in a way,

because you know, they have found a purpose,

and they are somebody now.

They're not just somebody on the street,

they're a member of the services,

and that really does mean something to them.

So that kind of journey,

it happens very, very quickly,

and its quite powerful to see,

it does get you.

I would definitely say it's a huge emotional rollercoaster,

because when your son or daughter goes into training,

or even your partner,

you are riding that wave behind them,

and it is a huge, huge rollercoaster,

all sorts of different emotions.

There's that loss when they first go in,

but there's the pride.

Then, if there's a problem,

there's that stress of trying to sort it all out

but you can't actually be there,

but you really want to.

But then there's graduation

and then you couldn't be prouder,

then there's their first posting,

which is where that's going to be and,

how're you going to get there if they need you,

or how they're gonna get home.

And it's just, it never stops,

but it is a fantastic ride.

It really, really is.

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