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RAF Regiment Gunner

  • Emma Knutzen
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


My son joined in October last year

and he's now a regiment gunner.

When he first said it, he was 11 years old,

so I was like, no, no,

you're not going in, not a chance

because when you think of war

and all the things that they could be facing,

when it's an 11-year-old boy saying it to you,

that's the face you see going into battle.

You don't see the grown man that he would be

once he's grown up and eligible to join.

You just see the little tot that's in front of you

saying he wants to become a member of the forces.

But it wasn't until about five/six years later

that I could see his development

and his passion for it

'cause he really, really wanted it,

he studied for it, he trained so hard

and I just thought, I can see now

that this is the right place for you

and he's never looked back since then.

And it was actually myself

that sort of facilitated his,

the start of his journey into the RAF,

so I went from saying absolutely not

to go on, go for it.

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