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Dancing Culvert Repair

  • Flt. Lt. Gareth Davies
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Effectively, we had a group of soldiers

who were in a patrol base and that patrol base

needed re-supply, constant re-supply

and one day, during a re-supply

the culvert collapsed that was outside that patrol base

and started flooding the area.

We found an old culvert pipe which we regenerated,

dug out the old ones, and replaced back into a ditch

which we then started to fill with chip-ins, soil,

basically whatever we could find

but had no way of compressing it.

So we were trying to just bang it down with our feet

and the kids thought this was incredibly amusing.

And it gave me a little bit of an idea.

And we asked the locals whether they had some music

and one of the kids brought a CD player

and it's like Indian type music,

and we played that and all the kids started dancing around.

I thought, "This is fantastic," so I started

dancing with them, and then some of the other adults

started coming out seeing what we were doing

and they started dancing as well.

And then literally, we would throw an additional layer

of soil on, and then dance on that

until eventually we compacted the soil,

the aggregate, whatever we could find,

to a level on which became compacted enough

for us to be able to get vehicles over

and re-supply and then do the job properly.

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