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Egg and Chips

  • Emma Knutzen
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


My grandmother was, one of these ladies

that she rarely slept, she always had to be ready

to look after her boys, as she would call them.

And you know do the food, and the cups of tea

and everything for the services.

And they did, they spent a lot of time on the troop trains

going up to Scapa Flow, during the war.

And this one time

I'm not quite sure, it was probably a adjutant

came into the kitchen, and said what can you cook

for a special guest?

And my nana said well, egg and chips like everybody else.

She said, I don't care who he is.

And it turned out that special guest, was Winston Churchill.

And so she cooked the egg, chips and took it down to him.

And gave him his egg and chips.

And according to me nana, he was a very lovely gentleman.

But yes, that's our little claim to fame there.

That she cooked egg and chips for

Winston Churchill.

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