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Being an RAF Mum

  • Emma Knutzen
  • Interview by: Jess Boyon


You can't, like if they were going to university,

it's a totally different thing,

because when they're at university you can,

if they need you, you can just turn up.

You can turn up and you can go take them shopping,

and fill their cupboards and

you know, go buy them some stuff that they need.

Or you know if they're having a problem, I don't know,

with a lecturer or a mate, or whatever.

But you can't rock up to camp with a rolling pin,

screaming at a corporal because they beasted your son.

It's just, (laughs)

and it's really, really difficult,

it's your natural instinct as a mother

to continue to want to,

to be there and support and protect.

But once you've handed them over,

that's it, the RAF uh,

particularly for the youngsters,

they're kind of loco in parentis,

that is it, they are on their terms now,

and you are, have to, well you have to take a back seat.

That takes a bit of getting used to,

definitely takes a bit of getting used to,

'cause their attitude changes as well.

They go in a boy,

and they come out a man.

And it only takes a few weeks,

but it's a palpable difference.

So it does take a little bit of getting used to.

  • Emma Knutzen

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