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Women in STEM

  • Gp. Capt. Emily Flynn and Suzanne Flynn
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When I went up to university,

I actually went to read mathematics

because that was my best subject.

My teacher said, well go and read mathematics

and you can teach afterwards or do something else.

So when I got to university,

I discovered there were girls reading engineering.

I couldn't believe it,

and I hadn't applied because I thought

you couldn't read engineering as a girl.

That would waste part of my application form.

I transferred to electrical engineering,

and there were three of us in a class of 100.

That was quite normal then.

When I left university,

or when I was going through thinking of leaving university

and finishing my education,

I looked at a number of jobs including civilian jobs.

I actually saw an advert in Cosmopolitan magazine

recruiting women into the Air Force.

I went, I think you'd say, cool.


Not then, the word didn't exist.

I thought, oh that looks interesting

and exciting and different.

It was the usual sort of advert.

They looked very glamorous.

I think we were competing

against the air hostesses in those days.

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