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Harrier Shot Down

  • Robert Iveson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


(airplane engine roars)

So, we went in for yet another pass over the target,

head to my guns and pulled up,

started to make my egress

when I was hit.

Two big shells, 35-millimeter shells.

Fortunately it hit somewhere down towards the back

but it pushed the aircraft sideways.

I think it pushed it that way

so the front went the other way

such that I banged my head against the cockpit

and actually cracked my visor.

And then very quickly

the aircraft started falling apart around me.

We got a full house on the warning systems.

I could smell smoke and fire straightaway,

couldn't see anything.

But the control column was no longer working,

it wasn't connected to anything

and I knew I was gonna jump out.

It was just I'd rather get a little further away

from a bunch of troops

that have just dropped cluster bombs

on or near, so 'cause I thought

they might not be best pleased to see me.

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