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The Morning After

  • Robbie Stewart
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


Just as Dave started to turn,

I pumped out some chaff

just to try and decoy the missile away,

but obviously it didn't.

It didn't hit too close,

it hit, I think,

slightly further forward.

That's why Dave was knocked unconscious.

But I was a little bit safer further back.

I was fully aware at that stage.

So, I pulled a handle,

I knew we were gonna go in further than this.

And it's a tremendous kick,

a really big whoosh from that.

I can't remember a thing.

I woke up the next morning,

'cause the air draft obviously went away.

When I woke up,

I was lying on the ground

with my parachute just billowing in the soft, warm wind.

It was the next day

and the people going to work

along the road just down beyond me.

And I thought, "My God, where am I?"

That's what I thought first thing.

"What's happened?"

And it was a bit of a shock.

Then, I looked down and I've got water in one hand,

and my radio in the other hand.

And I realized what had happened.

I thought Dave had been and saw me unconscious

and had given me this stuff.

Anyhow, I took a quick drink and then I got on the radio,

tried to get the AWACS,

tried to contact them,

say what had happened, we were still alive.

Or, at least I was still alive.

Nothing at all, unfortunately.

So, then I started to try and move.

My back was hurting really badly.

But, I just managed to get up,

I looked down and instead of my leg going straight off,

it went down and then turned 90 degrees,

and I realized I had broken it quite badly,

and there was blood everywhere.

So, I realized that unless

I got help fairly quickly I would die.

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