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Phoning Home

  • Sqdn. Ldr. Bob Ankerson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


A couple of the other guys

had got the opportunity to get a phone patch,

so we were using the aircraft radio

to be patched into the telephone system

and so, I'll see if I can ring Chris in Germany

because we were in quarters based in Germany.

And so, got through to the operator

through the Red Cross control

and got phone patched through

and so, Chris came on and answered the phone

and as she answered the phone

I was just about to, I thought right,

I can now speak to her and the phone went dead

and she,

and so, thought that's strange

but then we were reconnected

and this time I heard the voice,

the german operator saying

I have a telephone call for you

from a Red Cross aircraft

and so, then Chris did take the call

and so, I was able to speak to her

and then,

and with that realization

that I was alive and well and free.

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