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Jose Mourinho

  • Flt. Lt. Gareth Davies
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When speaking to the team, I ask certain things of them,

some of which are for maybe some of them

always is a little bit impalatable.

For the guys that are aspiring to be athletes at that level,

it gives them an example of how it can be achieved.

In my role then as the team manager,

I can use it as a crutch to lean on,

to explain to the guys if you really

want to be at this level,

you need to be performing for the Air Force first.

As a team manager I desperately need

to corral my guys together

to make sure that they're fit, they're healthy,

and ready for a prime competition,

which is the Interservices.

Obviously there are other skill sets

you need as a team manager.

Some people skills are always handy.

People can be a little bit needy,

and I treat different people in different ways.

I see myself a little bit as the Jose Mourinho

of the tug-of-war world when it comes to that sort of thing.

I've managed my guys according

to the personalities that they have.

Generally speaking, it's afforded me well so far.

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