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Short People

  • Suzanne Flynn
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I was posted to be co-located

and he was on phantoms that Conningsby,

but I moved on to the Vulcan at Scampton.

So a very interesting job

the Vulcan was carrying

so it had a dedicated wiring and systems

You don't want it being dropped too early

or on the ground, for that matter.

So it had this very specialist wiring

to go in there and inspect the wiring face

but one of the ministers at the time

and insisted that on our nuclear bombers.

It had to be an officer

So I had to spend a month doing learning

which was quite good

the technician hands on job and then spent

around the aeroplane, inspecting the wiring

So I've got pictures of me

a flashlight

and making sure that it's still

one bit of

the wiring on one bit of the system

and you had to go up on a cherry picker,

so there's only so high

So I couldn't reach into this access

hatch and everyone looked around

So I was up there with a chief

and somebody suggested

So at that point, the chief said, Well,

You are not to touch ma'am,

So every time I had to do that inspection,

well, I was a bit lighter in those days.

He had the interesting job

officer up into this hatch

So there are funny things that happen

to get short

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