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Guarding the Vulcan

  • Brian Burgess
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


You never got wet, never got wet

get cold wind.

We were told that the nearest mountains to

from Scampton

So we was told the nearest high ground

and when the wind came from the East God,

It was absolutely freezing.

But if you stood on the main wheel

and you could just tuck yourself

and keep out of the wind,

You just went under the wing.

You never got wet.

You did an hour on and an hour off.

And during your shift, each aircraft

your station commander,

crew and the crew chief.

Now those people were the only people

So if anyone else approached the aircraft,

you was armed with a Smith and Wesson

which you had in your holster.

It was unloaded in the ammunition pouch

you had a block of wood with six holes,

and they had the six rounds in them,

So if anyone did approach the aircraft

or get into the aircraft, you would have

If I could just hang on a minute

pouch, check the sellotape off,

get your 38 out

It was a deterrent.

I suppose it was deterrent.

You were armed and and you would have

tried to get in the aircraft

you would have loaded the weapon

The only people that you that

tried to catch you out

They were tasked sometime

to approach an aircraft on the QRA

But as long as you challenged them,

They knew they knew that they wouldn't

I mean, you were armed.

So in theory, you would challenge them,

and if they still continue towards

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